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Scarlett Cordless Electric Kettle is one of the best heating appliances sold in the Kenyan market. It has a 2-liter capacity, concealed stainless steel heating element and also a non-slip 360-degree rotary power base like other kettles such as SYINIX CLP 1802. Read on to see Scarlett Electric Kettle price in Kenya and also its specs and features.

Scarlett Cordless Electric Kettle Specs Features Price Kenya Review
Scarlett Cordless Electric | Source: Wiki Commons

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Scarlett Cordless Electric Kettle Capacity

This is a voluminous appliance with a 2.0-liter capacity. Most kettles out there come with a 1.5-1.8-liter capacity, so this appliance is large enough to heat enough water in your home.

Heating Element

The heating element features stainless steel and is also concealed to prevent any harmful elements from getting into the water/liquid. The appliance has 85 percent efficiency due to this high resistance heater.


First, the appliance’s operating voltage is 220-240 volts. Second, its power usage is 1,500 watts. Other kettles like Bruhm BKR172 use as high as 2200 watts, so this appliance can save energy in your home or office and also keeps your power bills low.

Design, Material and Color

Concerning the design, the Scarlett kettle is sleek and compact enough to fit in your kitchen compartment or room. On the side of material and color, the appliance features stainless steel and silver and black.

Other Features

One of these features is a non-slip 360-degrees rotary power base which allows for easy filling, pouring and also serving. The base also has a small chamber that can contain a 50-cm cord. More features include automatic shut-off, boil dry protection and also a durable stainless body.

Scarlett Cordless Electric Kettle Price in Kenya

The price of Scarlett Cordless Electric Kettle in Kenya is in the range KSh. 1,300 and KSh. 1,800 (around $13 and $18). For another good cordless electric kettle in Kenya, see Ramtons RM/349.

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