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Skyworth 24E3A12G is a digital TV that boasts some of the most desired features in the television world. The 24-inch TV comes with the HD, LED and IPS technologies and also the Dolby Surround Sound, among other top features. Read on to see the Skyworth 24E3A12G TV specs, features and price in Kenya.

Skyworth 24E3A12G TV Specs, Features and Price in Kenya
Skyworth 24E3A12G TV | Source: Wikimedia Commons

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Skyworth 24E3A12G TV Screen and Display

The 24E3A12G has a 24-inch screen that is HD (1366×768 resolution) and also with the LED technology. Other available technologies include IPS, matrix backlight and also 10Bit color enhancement.

With these technologies, the TV offers no-watermark images, wide view angle, low visual fatigue, adjustable backlight brightness and also energy efficient viewing.

Connectivity and Multimedia

First, the TV has USB, two HDMIs, PC Input and also the MHL connectivity. Other connectivity or related features include ATV receiving system (PAL, SECAM BG, DK, I), DTV receiving system (DVB-T/T2), digital/satellite broadcasting (DV3-T2) and also analog tuner.

As for the multimedia, the Skyworth TV comes with a stream media that allows you to read audio and video files on your mobile device. Other multimedia or related features include Skyworth. 2.1 Channel Digital System, Dolby Digital Surround Sound and also audio and video formats (MPEG, MP4, AVI).

Other Features

These features include picture options (16:9, 4:3, auto, zoom1, zoom2), active contrast ratio (1000:1) and also refresh rate (less than or equal to 100 Hz).

Power and Energy Efficiency

The television has a power supply of 100-240Vac 50-60Hz and its power consumption is 65W. On the side of energy efficiency, the visual device meets energy efficiency rules and also prevents greenhouse gas emissions.

Design, Material and Color

The TV is thin, sleek and features a modern design. When it comes to the material and color, it is made of tough plastic with some metal accents and the popular color is black.

Skyworth 24E3A12G TV Price in Kenya

The price of the Skyworth 24E3A12G TV in Kenya ranges between KSh. 16,000 and KSh. 26,000 (around $160 and $260). For other cheap televisions, see LED 17D5/17LN49, LED 19D5/19LN49, Lightwave E2419 ST2 and also Teqworld G24Z.

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