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Skyworth 32E2000 32-Inch HD LED Digital TV carries a number of great features, and it is therefore in high demand across the world! As its name suggests, it is digital! It is also an LED type device.

Skyworth 32E2000 32-Inch HD LED Digital TV

Skyworth 32E2000 32-Inch HD LED Digital TV | Source: Wiki Commons

The television is a great way to revamp your room and enjoy clear pictures and also thrilling sounds. Read on to see all the TV specs, major features and price in Kenya.

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Skyworth 32E2000 Screen and Display

The screen size is 32 inches. It is LED and also HD.The resolution stands at 1366×768. The screen features technologies such as IPS, matrix backlight and also 10Bit color enhancement.

Connectivity and Related Features

Under connectivity, the TV has USB, two HDMI, earphone, digital audio output (Coaxial and Optical) and also 3.5mm mini jack.

Other connectivity features include PVR, USB file system, FAT16 and 32, tuner, external USB and composite.

Concerning the related features, the television has ATV receiving system (PAL, SECAM BG, DK and I), DTV receiving system (DVB-T, T2 and C), analogue and digital antenna input port and IEC 169-2 female connector. The receiving systems have wide frequency ranges and are boosted by NTSC 3.58 and NTSC 4.43.

Moreover, there is software update and OSD language (English, French, Russian, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Arabic and Persian).

Audio and Video

As far as audio is concerned, the TV features 8W audio output, Dolby Pro Logic Surround and 2.1 Channel Digital System. The sound modes include standard, movie, music, sports and user. The personal mode features treble, bass and balance sound settings.

Other sound features include Teletext (1.0 and 1.5 levels), NICAM, FLOF and TOP, Memory Page 1000 and also Character Language (Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian and English).

Concerning video, the television has picture modes such as dynamic, standard, mild, movie and game. The picture size settings include 16:9, 4:3, Auto, Zoom1 and Zoom2.

Other video features include picture freeze, noise reduction (off, low, middle and high), MPEG reduction (off, low, middle and high) and color temperature (medium, warm, user and cool).


The television has a power rating of 100-240Vac 50-60Hz. Its power consumption is 65W, and it also has a standby power consumption feature.


The TV is pretty slim, so it doesn’t occupy a lot of your space. As far as material and color is concerned, it is made of tough plastic and the popular color is black.

Energy Efficiency

The Skyworth 32E2000 TV is energy star-qualified. This means that it meets energy efficiency rules and prevents greenhouse gas emissions.

Skyworth 32E2000 32-Inch HD LED Digital TV Price in Kenya

So how much is the Skyworth 32E2000? Well, the TV costs between KSh. 22,000 and KSh. 25,500 (around $200 and $255). This price is slightly lower compared to LG LH512U LJ520U 32-Inch Full HD Digital which is a similar television.

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