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Smart Gear Y1 is an affordable smartwatch, but comes with a number of awesome features. With this gadget, you can dial or answer phone calls and receive or send messages. You can also play music, control your phone camera and monitor your fitness progress. Read on this Smart Gear Y1 review to see its specs, features and also price in Kenya.

Smart Gear Y1 SmartWatch Kenya
Smart Gear Y1 SmartWatch | Source: Wikimedia Commons

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Smart Gear Y1 Display

The screen size is around 1.55 inches (diameter) and the display features an HD resolution.

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Operating System

The Y1 runs the Nucleus OS, but it can work with devices using Android 2.3 and above and also iOS 5.0 and above system.

SmartPhone Features

The smartwatch has a call log sync system that shows you the incoming calls. It also has a phonebook sync to help you access contacts list. In addition, there is a message sync system that allows you to receive and send messages. Moreover, for the music lovers, it has music sync to help you play music from your phone.

Multimedia and Related Features

First, the watch has Bluetooth sync (Bluetooth 3.0), so you can easily connect it with your phone. Second, it has a remote camera to help you control your phone camera. In addition, it has an alarm to help you keep time. As far as the related features are concerned, the gadget has intelligent anti-lost and also MTK6261 chip.

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Exercise Program Features

These features include sport monitor, sleep monitor and also pedometer. The sport monitor and pedometer can record sports data like steps, calories and also distance. On the other side, the sleep monitor can monitor total effective sleeping time and motion.

Material, Color and Weight

The main materials are plastic, rubber and metal. On the side of color and weight, the gadget is black and weighs 55g.


The batter is Lithium-Ion Polymer. Its power rating is 3.7V/280mAh.

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Smart Gear Y1 SmartWatch Price in Kenya

The price is between KSh. 1,900 and KSh. 2,300 (around $19 and $23). For another smartwatch with near-similar features and price, see the Smart Gear U8 mentioned above.

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