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Smart Watch DZO9 synchronizes with a phone to enable you call and message, access social media updates, play music and also take photos. Read on to see Smart Watch DZO9 price in Kenya and also its specs and features.

Smart Watch DZO9 Phone Watch Review, Specs, Features, Price in Kenya
Smart Watch DZO9 | Source: Wiki Commons

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Smart Watch DZO9 Phone Watch Display

The DZO9 comes with a 1.54-inch capacitive touchscreen. The LCD is HD and boasts a 240x240px resolution.

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Operating System and Chipset

Concerning the operating system, the smart gadget comes with Nucleus OS, but it synchronizes with devices that run Android and also the iOS system.

As for the chipset, the gadget features the MTK6261 which is powerful and steady.

SmartPhone Features

With DZO9, you don’t miss calls and messages from your phone. It has a phonebook and SMS feature, so you can call and receive calls, send and read texts and also access the call log and call history.

Connectivity and Multimedia

First, the gadget has Bluetooth 3.0, and so you can pair it with other devices. This is wireless, so you don’t need cables to connect to the devices.

As far as multimedia is concerned, there is 1.3MP camera and also Bluetooth music play. The music formats include MP3, MP4 and AVI. Other multimedia features include QQ, WhatsApp, Skype, WeChat and also MSN. In addition, there is alarm clock, calendar, stopwatch and calculator.

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Exercise and Well-Being Features

The main exercise feature is pedometer which records and analyzes things such as steps taken and calories burned. On the side of well-being features, there is sedentary remind and sleep monitor which help balance your everyday activities.

Other Features

These features include two-way anti-lost, anti-lost remind, two-way find phone, ring and vibration remind, remote-take picture and also call networks.

Design, Material and Color

The timer has a compact and modern design. When it comes to the material and color, there is a metal case with electroplate and the popular color is black.


The battery has a power rating of 3.7V/380mAh and offers 7 days of standby time and 2 days of normal time. The charging takes 1 hour!

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Smart Watch DZO9 Phone Watch Price in Kenya

So what is the price of the Smart Watch DZO9 in Kenya? Well, the price is in the range KSh. 1,400 and KSh. 3,000 (around $14 and $30). For similar wearables, see the Smart Gear Y1 and also the Smart Y1 Sporty.

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