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Social media and online publishers have adopted Trust Indicators (TIs) to help fight fake news, propaganda, misinfo and also satire. With the help of The Trust Project, these channels will be able to show online users the real journalists and also those with false content or misinfo.

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Trust Indicators | Source: TechAppeala

Trust Indicators on Facebook, Twitter, Google and Bing

These social media platforms are already displaying these indicators which appear like icons. When you click on the icon, you will be able to read info about the news maker. This info includes ethics and practices, background and also how the publishers do their work. The icons will appear on news feeds, news, search results, articles and also on the social media products.

Trust Indicators on Online Publishers

Online news providers that are using TIs include Independent, Mail, W. Post, DPA, T. Mirror and also Economist. Other firms like AP and Vox Media are testing the system.

So Who Came Up with the Trust Indicators?

Well, as mentioned above, TIs belong to The Trust Project. Some people behind it include Sally Lehman, Craig N., Google, Democracy Fund, Markkula and also John and James Knight Foundation.

So far, eight TIs have been created and are spread across the social media and online publishers.

Other Similar Projects

Social media platforms like Facebook and Google have systems that add a “disputed” tag on fake content. These systems are different from TIs as they only dispute content. This action has been said to be too little to solve the problem. As mentioned above, TIs allow the user to know more about the person behind the news.

Final Words

Trust Indicators are a big step to fighting fake news, propaganda, misinfo and satire. Those who are usually prone to false news or content now have something to smile about.

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