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Sony DAV-DZ950 Home Theatre offers brilliant sounds, and like any other Sony audio system, it offers awesome theatre experience right in your home. According to the manufacturer, it has sound and picture quality capabilities to create a true theatre experience! Apart from offering brilliant sounds, the audio system carries all sorts of desirable features.

Sony DAV DZ950 Home Theatre
Sony DAV DZ950 Home Theatre | Source: Pixabay

Want to buy Sony DAV-DZ950 Home Theatre? Well, read on to learn about its price in Kenya. See also all its specifications and features.

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Sony DAV-DZ950 Amplifier

First, the home theatre comes with S-Master Digital, Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic and also BRAVIA Sync. It also features analogue, composite and HDMI audio line and video signal IN/OUT.

In addition, the system has control for HDMI, USB and video signal OUT upscale (720p/1080i for DVD).


The home theatre features 4 types of speakers – front, centre, surround and subwoofer. The front speakers come with micro satellite, 1-way system, 260-mm wide woofer unit and also a 2.5-m cable.

The centre speaker spots fixed/croth grill, 1-way system, 1-speaker unit and 241-mm wide speaker woofer. The surround speaker features micro satellite, 1-way system and 260-mm wide woofer unit.

Lastly, the subwoofer comes with 1-speaker unit and passive sound system. It measures 230x365x360mm and weighs 6.5kgs.

Video, Audio and Photo Playback

Under this section, the Sony home theatre has DVD, CD and USB file system (FAT32 and NTFS). When it comes to audio decoding, the system has LPCM (2CH, 5.1CH, 7.1CH), Dolby Prologic and also Dolby Digital (as mentioned above). In addition, there is an auto sound mode.

Other Features

These features include Bluetooth, 1080p upscaler, band (FM/AM), preset station (FM/AM), auto scan tuning, sleep, screen saver and also auto power off (auto stand-by). Additional features include Karaoke, Xvid Home/MPEG4 Simple Profile, JPEG picture format and also MP3/WMA9/AAC encoding and decoding formats.

Design, Material and Color

The audio system comes with a compact, stylish quartz design, so it saves your space and improves its looks. The material is metal with some plastic while the color is black.


The front, center and surround speakers have power output of around 180W (RMS) each. The power consumption in standby mode is 0.5W while the total power output is 1000W (RMS).

Sony DAV-DZ950 Home Theatre Price in Kenya

The cost is in the range KSh. 49,000 and KSh. 64,000 (about $490 and $640). For a cheaper home theatre, see Sony DAV-TZ140 and LG LHD 657.

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