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Syinix 24T540 is an HD LED TV that supports digital broadcasting and boasts stabilizer free. It also features an integrated sound output and PVR recording. In this Syinix 24T540 24-Inch TV review, see the device’s price in Kenya and also its specs and features.

Syinix 24T540 24-Inch TV Review Specs, Features and Price in Kenya
Syinix 24T540 | Source: Wiki Commons

In Brief, Syinix 24T540 24-Inch TV Specs

  • Screen – 24 Inches
  • Connectivity – USB, HDMI, etc
  • Multimedia – PVR, DVB-T2, etc
  • Power – AC 100-260V 50/60Hz
  • Material – PVC
  • Price – KSh. 10,500

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Syinix 24T540 Screen

The 24T540 has an HD screen and also a color technology that displays colors as in real life. The 24-inch display delivers clear pictures and also vivid content, giving you advanced viewing experience.

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There are four main connectivity features in this television – HDMI, USB, AV and also VGA ports. The HDMI port and USB port allows you to connect HDMI-enabled devices and storage devices respectively. On the other hand, the AV port allows you to connect audio gadgets and also video devices while the VGA port allows you to connect special devices like computers.


First, the TV has a DVB-T2 which provides digital broadcasting. Second, it has a personal video recorder (PVR) which records programs, and also stores them onto a hard disk. In addition, there is an integrated sound output which provides you with a rich audio.

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Power and Energy Efficiency

The best thing about the power is the stabilizer free feature which keeps the power input on a safe level. The recommended power source is 100-260, 50/60Hz, and the power use and standby consumption are around 50W and 0.5W respectively.

As for the energy efficiency, the device has passed the Energy-Star test which means that it saves energy. It is also eco-friendly, according to the manufacturer – Syinix.

Design, Material and Color

Concerning the design, the TV is thin and light and also sleek enough to add beauty to your room. On the side of material and color, it features PVC and black.

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Syinix 24T540 24-Inch TV Price in Kenya

The 24T540 is an affordable 24-inch digital TV. Its price in Kenya is in the range KSh. 10,500 and KSh. 14,500 (around $105 and $145).

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