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SYINIX BLNPPK 204 Blender is made to make things easier at the kitchen. It can grind and blend spices, herbs, fruits, vegetables, coffee, beans and nuts, among other food materials. It comes with desirable features such as 1.5-liter jar, 400-watt motor and also adjustable speeds.

SYINIX BLNPPK 204 Blender Kenya

SYINIX BLNPPK 204 Blender | Source: Wikimedia Commons

Want to buy this blender? Well, read on to learn about the SYINIX BLNPPK 204 Blender price in Kenya. See also all the appliance specs and features.

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SYINIX Blender Jar Capacity

The capacity is 1.5 liters. You can blend up to 1.5 litres of food materials with this appliance. The whole appliance measures around 18.5×18.5×39.5cm and weighs 4kg.


The appliance comes with a stainless steel blade. The blade is also serrated and sharpened to produce smooth and fine particles.


First, the motor is quite powerful for such an appliance. It has a power rating of 400W and rotates fast to keep the blade grinding and blending.

The motor facilitate for 3 speeds – high, low and pulse. There are also some switches to aid in operation and improving the safety of the appliance. Moreover, the motor doesn’t produce a lot of noise.


The SYINIX appliance comes with a power rating of 150-400 Watts. The voltage is 220-240/50Hz. There is also a long power cord.

As you can see, the blender doesn’t consume a lot of energy. It therefore doesn’t increase your energy bills.

Material, Color and Design

The main material is high quality, tough plastic. Other materials include copper, steel and also rubber. So it is a long-lasting appliance. The jar is resistant to wear and tear. The color is black and clear white.

The design is compact and also stylish. The appliance just looks awesome in your kitchen. Moreover, the base has anti-slip rubber feet to keep the whole appliance in its place when functioning.

SYINIX BLNPPK 204 Blender Price in Kenya

The price ranges between KSh. 2,800 and KSh. 3,000 (around $28 and $30). This is a fair price for a high performance and also durable appliance. The price is slightly higher than Bruhm BBG296 which is a similar blender.

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