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SYINIX CLP 1802 Cordless Kettle is a low-cost heating appliance. But it comes with excellent features. It actually competes with the most the high-end kettles out there. It is pretty tech, and this is the reason we have decided to review it.

SYINIX CLP 1802 Cordless Kettle
SYINIX CLP 1802 | Source: Wiki Commons

Read this SYINIX CLP 1802 Cordless Kettle review to know more about the appliance. See if it is the kettle you have been searching.

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SYINIX CLP 1802 Capacity

The kettle’s capacity is 1.8 liters. This is pretty a large volume for such as a low-cost appliance. You can boil water for your whole family.

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The power rating is between 1850-2200 watts. So the kettle is quite energy efficient. It can save a lot of energy in your home or business.

If you struggle with power bills, you can go for this appliance. Generally, it doesn’t increase your energy bills.

Heating Element

The heating element is made of nickel and also chrome. These materials conduct heat efficiently, and have also high resistance.

With this material, the kettle heats up faster. And this makes your liquid to gain enough heat in no time. Talk about saving your time in the morning.

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Material, Color and Body

The kettle is made of stainless steel. The material is concealed, so it can’t rust. It can’t also release harmful elements in your water.

The color is white or grey! These are bright colors for your kitchen, living room or office. They can improve the looks of your room.

The main body can rotate 360˚! So the appliance is pretty convenient. It is also cordless, so there is no cord disturbance when serving.

The body also has some buttons for operation purpose. There are also some small displays – lights to show your heating progress. Moreover, it is slim, so it doesn’t consume a lot of your space.

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SYINIX CLP 1802 Cordless Kettle Price in Kenya

As mentioned above, the kettle is pretty cheap. Its cost is just around Ksh. 1400! This is less than $15! You can’t break the bank with this appliance.

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