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Tagwood MP-2166 is a multimedia 2.1 subwoofer with awesome features and specifications. It supports Bluetooth, USB flash disk and also an SD memory card, among other desirable features. Read on to see the Tagwood MP-2166 Multimedia 2.1 Subwoofer with Bluetooth specs, features and price in Kenya.

Tagwood MP-2166 Subwoofer Review, Specs, Features and Price in Kenya
Tagwood MP-2166 | Source: Wiki Commons

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Tagwood MP-2166 Bluetooth

The MP-2166 comes with Bluetooth which allows you to connect to other Bluetooth-enabled devices. The wireless connection technology helps you copy music tracks from another device in an efficient way.

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Multimedia and Bass Levels

As for the multimedia, the subwoofer features a speaker system which delivers a deep volume and also a clear, rich sound. I found it quite enjoyable when watching a movie as it gives me a cinematic experience.

On the side of bass levels, you can adjust the levels to achieve the right sound in your home. You can tune it to low levels and still enjoy your music satisfactorily.

FM Radio

Like most modern subwoofers, the Tagwood subwoofer has FM radio functionality. When you don’t feel like watching your TV, you can just listen to news and also follow your favourite radio shows. The best thing I like about this radio system is that it has a clear sound signal.

USB Flash Disk and SD Memory Card

Concerning the flash disk, the audio system has a USB port and also a USB reader which allow you to play music from another device. When it comes to the SD card, the system has an SD memory card system which allows you to play tracks from the storage device.

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Other Features

These features include one subwoofer, two speakers, aux in and also a remote control.

Power and Energy Efficiency

First, the power supply is AV/DC Dual Power and the RMS and PMPO are 24W+15Wx2 and 5500W respectively. Second, according to the manufacturer, the system saves energy and is safe on the environment.

Design, Material and Color

As you can see in the photo above, the subwoofer has a bold, modern design. It is light (5.0kg) and also compact enough to consume less space in your room. As far as material and color are concerned, it features plastic and also wood, and the main color is black.

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Tagwood MP-2166 Subwoofer Price in Kenya

So how much does Tagwood MP-2166 Subwoofer cost in Kenya? Well, the price of the subwoofer is between KSh. 3,000 and KSh. 4,500 (around $30 and $45).

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