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After ditching Orange Money, Telkom Kenya has launched a new mobile money service dubbed T-kash. Like other mobile money products, the service allows you to send, receive, withdraw and also deposit money. It also allows you to shop or buy goods, pay bills and buy airtime and data. It has lower transaction fees and offers interesting things like quick reversals, T-kash codes, T-kash favorites and bonuses.

Telkom Kenya Mobile Money T-kash Send Withdraw Goods
T-kash Logo | Source: Wikimedia Commons

T-kash Offerings

First, the service allows you to send and receive money to and from all networks in Kenya. Second, it allows you to deposit, withdraw and also keep track of your money. Third, it allows you to buy airtime and data bundles for your line and other Telkom customers. In addition, it allows you to shop or buy goods at merchants and pay utility bills from KPLC, Star Times, NHIF, DSTV, GOTV, Nairobi Water, Zuku Fiber etc.

T-kash Codes and Favorites

The service doesn’t use till numbers, but codes that are generated from the customer’s menu. With the 8-digit one-time code, the customer needs to present it to an agent or merchant to withdraw cash or pay bill.

On the side of favorites, the service saves your favorite mobile numbers and also till and bank account numbers for quick access. Together with a quick reversal feature, the process prevents a user from sending money to a wrong number.

How to Register for T-kash

To register for this service, you need to visit an agent with your ID or passport and also your mobile number. The agent will help you join the service, and from there, you can activate your account. To activate your account, you need to go to your T-kash Menu, select “Activate” and enter the required details.

T-kash Transaction Fees and Charges

First, the service allows a maximum account balance of KSh. 100,000. The daily transaction amount is KSh. 140,000 while the maximum amount per transaction is KSh. 70,000.

Second, the transaction fees and charges range from KSh. 0 to KSh. 300. This depends on whether you are withdrawing or transferring cash to a registered or unregistered user. It also depends on the amount transacted. The service informs you of the fees or charges before you carry out any transaction, so there is no guess work.

In conclusion, T-kash simplifies your life when making payments. It has a simple menu and affordable charges and also offers bonus airtime for any purchased airtime. Moreover, there are thousands of agents across the country, but on a personal basis, you can access the service on STK menu, USSD (*160#) or on T-kash app (for both Android and iOS).

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