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According to the maker, Unilever Pureit Advance Excella Purifier gives you clear, odourless and also great tasting water. The water cleanser provides you with clean water with features such as Germ Kill Life Indicator and using a multi-stage cleaning process. Read on to see the Unilever Advance Purifier specs, features and also price in Kenya.

Unilever Pureit Advance Excella Purifier Specs and Price in Kenya
Unilever Pureit Advance | Source: Wikimedia Commons

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Unilever Advance Purifier Capacity and Size

The water cleanser has a capacity of 9 liters which is a large amount of water. It can therefore provide clean drinking water for a large family for a day. As for the size, the purifier weighs 5kgs and is compact enough to consume a small space in your home.

Germ kill Life Kit and Indicator

The Germ kill Life Kit is an advanced technology that targets and removes germs from the water. It uses a multi-stage cleaning process to remove dirt from your water.

When the kit has killed and trapped enough germs and dirt, it blocks the flow of water. The indicator then turns red to signal to you that the appliance cannot filter water anymore. When this happens, it is wise to replace the kit.

Auto Shut-Off Feature

This feature turns off the purifier when the processor kit cannot kill or trap germs and dirt anymore. The kit can purify 4500 liters of water before its life expires. After going off, the water flow stops, protecting you from dirt water.

Power and Energy Efficiency

According to my own experience, the Unilever appliance uses little power. The Germ Kill Life Kit doesn’t need electric power, making the energy use small. The energy efficiency for the machine is therefore very low.

Design, Material and Color

As mentioned above, the appliance comes with a compact and light design. As for the material, the appliance features plastic and some glass. When it comes to the color, it is white and black.

Unilever Advance Purifier Price in Kenya

The price of Unilever Advance Purifier in Kenya ranges between KSh. 6,000 and KSh. 13,000. As you can see, the appliance has a low initial cost, and in addition, you save on buying water. Moreover, you don’t need a plumber to manage the appliance, so it is a low-cost water purifier.

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