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ViuSasa is a new source of entertainment and also information in Kenya. The video-on-demand platform offers local video content, music and also TV clips. It specializes in date news, society gossip, dramas, comedies, soaps, gospel, lifestyle and also kids’ shows.

ViuSasa App Logo | Source: Wiki Commons

How to Watch ViuSasa Content

According to the owner- Citizen Television and Content Aggregation Limited (CAL), you can access ViuSasa on your smartphone. The platform is basically a downloadable app that is available for Android and iOS devices. Therefore, you need to head to the app stores (Google or Apple) to download it. You can also send the word ‘viusasa’ to 40984 to access the download link.

ViuSasa Packages and Subscription Rates

Well, accessing content on the app is not free! The founder offers packages that can be subscribed at an affordable fee. There is a daily package of music, videos and also music + videos that costs KSh. 15, KSh. 20 and KSh. 30 respectively. The weekly package costs KSh. 75, KSh. 100 and KSh. 150 while the monthly one at KSh. 200, KSh. 300 and KSh. 450 respectively.

Great for All Listeners

ViuSasa content is streamed in English, Swahili and also all the Kenya’s vernacular languages. You can also watch live Citizen TV and listen to some Royal Media Services radio stations. It basically suits everyone! In addition, most of the content is family-friendly!

Boosts Local Content Production

According to the service provider, the platform can grow and foster local content production. If you are a music or video producer, you can have your content distributed and marketed and also make some money in the process.

In conclusion, Viusasa requires you to have a large amount of data to stream its content. If you have Wi-Fi, you can really listen or watch a lot of content from the app. But if you are using data bundles from mobile service providers, it can be a struggle! However, the latest version of the app can save you some good amount of data.

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  1. I would love to give insight on family and marriage relationships.How do I participate in ViuSasa.


  2. please send me the contact to use to reach citizen tv.I have movies I would like to be viewed on viusasa

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