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WhatsApp is introducing new features in 2018 after adding Live Location and a limited payment option. The messaging app is adding new chat features in the next update to improve the platform’s efficiency and also freedom. According to the app’s spokesperson, the latest features include group description, search for conversation, protection for group admins and also the ability to leave a group once and for all.

WhatsApp Update Brings New Group Chat Features
WhatsApp Group Chat | Source: Wiki Commons

WhatsApp Group Description

Now, a group admin can add a small description touching on the chat’s topic, purpose and also guidelines. Any new member will be able to see the description upon joining the group.

Search for Conversation and Participants

The app has added a new button (@) at the bottom right corner of a chat to help you search for a conversation. To catch up on any messages that mentioned you, you only need to click the button.

As far as search for participants is concerned, WhatsApp has introduced a search function to help you find anyone in a group. This search function is located on the Group Info page which usually contains group members.

Protection for Group Admins

First, the new update makes it impossible for other participants to remove group creators. There is also an option for the admins to remove admin permissions of other members. The admins will therefore be the only ones who can change group titles, profile images and also descriptions.

Ability to Leave Group Once and for All

Yeah, if you want to leave a group for good, you will be able to do so! The new update prevents an admin from adding you back, that is, if you don’t want to rejoin.

In conclusion, the new WhatsApp features will add some more meaning to the groups and also improve the app’s usefulness. Some past updates have been received with criticism, but the latest updates will definitely not cause any complains.

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