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Whirlpool WTM 557 R SS is one of the most expensive refrigerators sold in Kenya. It carries all sorts of freezer features and of course comes at a ‘big’ price. The double door fridge has a large capacity, intellifresh sensor and digital external micom, among other great features. Read on to see all the fridge specs, key features and price in Kenya.

Whirlpool WTM 557 R SS: Most Expensive Fridge for KSh. 110,000 Kenya
Whirlpool WTM 557 R SS Fridge | Source: Wikimedia Commons

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Whirlpool WTM 557 R SS Size and Capacity

The weight of the refrigerator is 60kg while its capacity is 450 liters (around 19.5 Cu.Ft). The fridge is thus ideal for big families and also large-sized bars and offices.

Design and Technology

The freezer comes with a modern exquisite design. It improves the looks of your room, giving you a feeling of contentment. It has an elegant exterior handle and also a beautiful digital external micon with LED display. In addition, it has wheels, so you can move it around with much ease.

Moreover, the interior is designed intuitively and conveniently. There are tempered glass shelves and transparent shelves and door racks. There is also interior LED light to help with these tasks.

On the side of technology, the freezer has 6th sense intellifresh sensor (supporting timed compressor), intelli-sensor, microblock and hexafresh, quick chill function (faster cooling and cold air retention) and also full no frost with flexi vents.

Energy Efficient and Safety

First, the Whirlpool appliance has a power rating of 160-260 volts. So it consumes less electric energy, keeping your power bills low. It also employs direct cooling to save energy. As for safety, the appliance is CFC free and also has an anti-bacterial gasket.

Security and Noise

With a lock and key, the appliance is pretty secure! You cannot expect someone to break into it and pick your foodstuffs. There is also a child lock to keep kids away. On the other side, the fridge produces low noise, so it doesn’t add disturbance in your home.

Other Features

These features include garden fresh crisper, fruit crisper, fresh flow (3D cooling), dairy fresh zone (chiller) and also in-built deodorizer (active odor filter). Other features include twist ice maker, ice cream zone and also 12 Pc egg tray.

Material and Color

The main material is metal. Other materials include plastic and rubber. So the appliance is durable and secure with the metallic enclosure. The color is silver, so it is quite stunning in your house.

Whirlpool WTM 557 R SS Fridge Price in Kenya

The refrigerator costs between KSh. 107,000 and KSh. 110,000 (around $1070 and $1100). As you can see, this is a big price for a freezer. For a cheap priced fridge in Kenya, see Bruhm BRS 95x or Bruhm BRD140.

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